Blogging Resources

10 Oct


The Delaware Digital Learning Cadre envisions all teachers capably and appropriately utilizing digital learning so that Delaware students graduating from high school demonstrate technology literacy.

Educational Blogging: A Community Resource Created by the DLC

Educational Blogging
General Information and Resources
Support Blogging – Blogging as an educational tool Educational Blogging – Educause Review online
How to Blog with Young Students, Education World 2012 Hooked on Classroom Blogging – ISTE, Learning  and Leading Magazine Blogging in Education Today – Emerging EdTech Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom – Teaching Today
Blogs Worth Following
Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Wesley Fryer Learning in Hand – Tony Vincent Kaffeeklatsch – Kathy Schrock 2CentsWorth –David Warlick The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom – Steven Anderson Weblogg-ed –Will Richardson Cool Cat Teacher – Vicki Davis The Innovative Educator –  Lisa Velmer Nielsen The Organized Classroom Blog (tips for primary-grade management and effectiveness)) Flipped Learning (new ways of teaching) Free Technology for Teachers (free tech resources and tech reviews)
 MindShift (research, policy, and cultural issues)
Free Blogging Services
Edublogs WordPress
ClassPress 21 Publish Journalscape (great for very young bloggers)
Free Readers to Aggregate Blog Feeds
Bloglines Google Reader Feed Reader

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